A4TECH OP-620D 2X Click Optical Mouse

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  • 1-Year Official Warranty
  • Model: OP-620D
  • Type: Optical Mouse

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A4TECH OP-620D 2X Click Optical Mouse price in Bangladesh

The A4TECH OP-620D 2X Click Optical Mouse is a basic yet reliable mouse designed for everyday computing tasks. Here are the key specifications:


  • Model: OP-620D
  • Type: Optical Mouse
  • 2X Click: Features a double-click button for enhanced functionality and convenience.
  • DPI: 800 DPI, providing precise tracking and control for typical computer use.
  • Dimensions: 4.68 inches in length, 2.48 inches in width, and 1.39 inches in height, offering a compact and ergonomic design.


  1. Basic Functionality: The mouse offers standard mouse functions, including left-click, right-click, and scrolling.
  2. Plug and Play: It’s designed for easy installation and immediate use upon connection to a computer’s USB port.
  3. Reliable Performance: The optical sensor ensures smooth and accurate cursor movement on various surfaces.
  4. Compact Design: Its compact dimensions make it suitable for both desktop and laptop use, while its ergonomic shape provides comfortable grip and control.

Pricing and Availability:

The A4TECH OP-620D 2X Click Optical Mouse is widely available in electronics stores, online marketplaces, and authorized retailers in Bangladesh. Due to its basic features, it’s usually offered at an affordable price point.


The A4TECH OP-620D 2X Click Optical Mouse is a straightforward and functional input device suitable for everyday computing tasks. Its reliable performance, compact design, and affordability make it a practical choice for users seeking a simple and efficient mouse solution.


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